An excellent young entrepreneur 2023

Nguyen Ba Lich - An excellent young entrepreneur 2023

Nguyen Ba Lich – An excellent young entrepreneur 2023

At the age of 29, businessman Nguyen Ba Lich (Benley Nguyen) soon made a mark of a start-up business in his homeland Vietnam and the USA, which created a reputation by global-connection projects on education – tourism – settlement fields.

Start-up aspiration to elevate Vietnamese brand

Mr Nguyen Ba Lich is a founder/ CEO of Vietmytravel, Viet my branch in USA (VietmyUS), Capital3group USA, Vice President, member of the management council of Vietmygroup. Soon settle up his business since he was 18 years old in both Vietnam and US markets, Mr Benley Nguyen applied his practical experience, accompanied with Vietmygroup created many optimal products on education – tourism – settlement in many countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Europe…along with import-export sector, fodder raw materials, real estate, information technology…In addition, he is the co-founder of Vietmy education system, from kindergarten to high school.

“Being able to follow all my passions, I am proud of any single achievement. At the early stage, Vietmy was just a start-up on the tourism and logistic aspect. Now, it has become a big, multi-filed corporation. We concentrated all the strength to build up a complete system on education – tourism – study abroad – settlement, wishing to bring Vietnamese citizens to the world”, Mr Benley said.

Successfully started up in his hometown, Mr Benley Nguyen continued to go abroad to extend his business, then invested back to Vietnam. In his point of view, despite going around the world, Vietnam is still his “home”. Travelling around to cultivate knowledge, starting a business early to gain experience, then the final destination is to return to the homeland to develop the country. Connecting people with the world – improving living quality through modern education and technology is the endless journey that Mr Benley Nguyen is following.

Global Connector – Multinational operation

Due to the business start-up in both US and Vietnam, entrepreneur Nguyen Ba Lich has learned valuable lessons on human management, applying international technology in operating Vietmy company. Choosing the mindset “The more you go, the more you learn”, the young businessman is confident in the future of education – tourism – settlement aspect, which he and Vietmy corporation are going to develop. Failure at the beginning is the strong foundation for his achievements before 30. And all those achievements are going to cultivate for the next higher destination, becoming a global connector, creating more projects on international education – tourism – settlement field, which contributes to Vietnam’s development.

Mr Nguyen Ba Lich confirms that he himself still has a lot of dreams and ambitions, with more higher peaks that he wants to reach. In 2023, his next target is Capital3group – an investment fund in the US, which calls for capital to develop young start-ups, in order to expand the potential of Vietnam.

Education – tourism and settlement are the investment channels which develop very fast recently, especially in Vietnam and surrounding areas, attracting an investment capital up to hundreds of millions USD. Realising the potential, Entrepreneur Nguyen Ba Lich identifies his own strengths in tourism and settlement first to “create capital”, and then uses that capital to develop more satellites around his own strengths, as the way he’s been successful with the education system and related fields.

Box: Vietmytravel – Head Office: VietMyBuilding – 85/31 Nguyen The Truyen, Tan Son Nhi ward, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City.
Hotline: 0964.51.51.51 – (+1)7622.51.51.51

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