CEO Vietmytravel Nguyen Ba Lich (Benley Nguyen)

I want to help Vietnamese actualizing their dreams

Mr Nguyen Ba Lich – CEO Vietmytravel said that focusing on developing tourism and settlement are going to help Vietnamese actualizing their dream of reaching the world

As the head of the company, Mr Nguyen Ba Lich, Vietmy travel is focusing on developing those fields: tourism, settlement in USA, Canada, Australia for Vietnamese.

Background is not a hindrance:

CEO Nguyen Ba Lich (Benley Nguyen) was born and grew up in Quang Nam province, Vietnam. Recognizing poor self-background, Ba Lich tried his best, became a student in the city’s gifted team. In 2011, he passed the entrance exam of Ton Duc Thang University, Faculty of Business Administration, majoring Finance.

As a student of  Ton Duc Thang University, Nguyen Ba Lich also worked as a tutor so that he can earn money for the study. At the same time, he ran a phone business and owned several smartphone stores.

Portrait of businessman Nguyen Ba Lich
Portrait of businessman Nguyen Ba Lich

A new journey began:

At the end of 2015, Nguyen Ba Lich joined an accquaintance’s trip, which combined team buiding and tourism. This trip was a turning point, in which Ba Lich met a friend who has similar mindset. They both decided to operate a tourist company. However, this company was closed only after a month operating.

Later, Nguyen Ba Lich began another business named Du lich Viet My, as the supports of his family and friends. At the first moments, his company faced with many difficulties due to weak marketing and advertising strategy as well as market seeking. As the peek, this business suffered the loss of more than 2 billions VND. In fact, Ba Lich could also contrive at that time, thanks to the income from his phone business.

At the beginning of 2017, Nguyen Ba Lich officially closed his phone business to concentrate on the tourism aspect. “The most reckless but exact decision is to stop all domestic tours because of unprofitability”, he said. Later on. He began to open the market to Thailand, Korea, Europe and the America. When the tourism field was stabilize, Ba Lich began to develop the settlement aspect… In the COVID-19 period, the tourism freezed, his company flexibly transferred to masks and medical equipment distribution.

Vietmytravel accompanies many families to the land of flags.
Vietmytravel accompanies many families to the land of flags.

Success is a gift for the persistence:

Vietmytravel is mainly focusing on high-class customer segment. Sharing the key of his company’s success, CEO Nguyen Ba Lich said, it was due to the decisiveness, determination, luck and passion. According to Lich, a person who follows a job for three years then calls career. Besides, the young entrepreneur always shows his effort, concentration, consistent on chasing the target despite of the change of surroundings.

According to CEO Nguyen Ba Lich, in 2023, Vietmytravel is going to develop many special offers such as: discount, applying for US visa – getting free  Canada visa, applying for US visa – getting free student visa. Especially, in case students study abroad in the US, family wish to settle down… the company will support accomodations, meals, driver’s license exam, school and job applications, sim and card making, airport picking…

Photos of tourists participating in the tour organized by Vietmytravel
Photos of tourists participating in the tour organized by Vietmytravel

In the next period, this company keeps the effort to become a connection which can help Vietnamese dreams about studying abroad or settlement much easier. Vietmy travel will concentrate on high-class segment, providing more services and accompany with the clients totally. This company plans to set up an investment fund in Vietnam for a long-term support domestic start-up projects.

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